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Recent Blog Posts

The road less travelled

Marshall McLuhan once wrote “The car has become an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad and incomplete in the urban compound.” With the news last month that Calgary is at the bottom of the walkability heap according to Walk Score, isn’t it time we had a serious conversation about this urban wardrobe [...]

A tragedy in the making

The revved-up extravaganza known as the North American International Car Show took over Detroit last week. There were the usual attractions — concept cars and the latest version of the once-mighty Stingray — but hype around electric cars seems to have short-circuited and now it’s back to the future with diesel engines. Inescapably, the backdrop [...]

A New Threat to Management of Growth

This Monday, December 3rd, Calgary City Council’s agenda includes a “Notice of Motion” to allow a small group of developers to pay for Area Structure Plans for new suburbs on land they own.  Although the Motion does not give those developers the right to build new suburbs, it will move their lands closer to approval and undermine [...]
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Our very own fiscal cliff: Calgary’s growth management strategy under siege

South of the border there is much gnashing of teeth over the impending “fiscal cliff” on which the United States economy teeters. Meanwhile, here in Calgary, a proposed plan to avoid our very own fiscal cliff — a tsunami of infrastructure spending and maintenance that will bury us if we continue business as usual — [...]

Making Local Elections Secure, Fair, and Impartial

The Alberta Government is reviewing the Local Authorities Election Act.  This is the legislation that governs voting, candidate eligibility, and campaign finance for municipal and school board elections.  The objective of the review is secure, fair, and impartial elections – something CivicCamp’s Governance, Finance, and Infrastructure Group strongly supports.  In response to the Province’s call for submissions on the [...]

Adventures in Bikesharing

I just may be the only Calgarian who used a public bikesharing program every month from March to December last year.  That’s because my husband and I spent 2011 dividing our time between Denver, Colorado and our home in Calgary.  From the get-go, I grabbed any and all opportunities presented to me in Denver and [...]